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About the LST Range

Seven years of research and development has produced a new type of safety heater that utilises
the baked kiln clay technology found in the acclaimed Sunflow Invincible range.

Attractive heaters

These attractive heaters use low input electric together with a combination of gentle, natural convection and the comfort of radiant heat. All made possible with our patent-registered radiator enhancement system.

Sunflow LST

There are two main physical elements to Sunflow Low Surface Temperature technology: the suspended cover on the outside; and beneath it, a specially adapted electric heat emitter with electronic control, suitable for the Sunflow standard wireless units and also a multiple zone controller with a centralised hub and computer control.

The Emitter

This is powered by Sunflow baked kiln clay blocks, which take direct heat transfer from embedded elements. These are assembled by hand to ensure maximum efficiency and also means that we can vary the power output on individual kiln clay blocks. This resilient unit is built to last and take advantage of forthcoming electric storage technology. As specialists in low input heating with our Invincible range of heaters we know it is not necessary to use very high temperature elements to heat a room. We limit the outside of our power blocks to 130, much lower than the 1,000 - 1,500? typically used by ordinary electric heaters, because those ultra-high temperatures result in forced convection i.e. excessive air movement, almost like a fan. Our technology relies on natural convection, a gentler air movement that in our opinion is less likely to cause dryness, which can lead to irritation.

The Cover

This has been engineered to enhance natural convection without becoming hot to the touch, and gives the Sunflow LST range its unique appeal. Available in standard colours of white or cream, the whole surface is powder-coated to architectural quality. The white is also available in an antibacterial finish. This t echnology has even been used for a range of art pieces.

Our Technology

Extremely accurate and reliable control is made possible using semi-conductor technology

Proportional Controls

We have eliminated temperature cycling by using technologies in both the heater circuit board (PCB) and the thermostat. Our heater PCBs do not simply switch the heater on or off, but modulate the power between 0% to 100% depending on need. We use a combination of methods to achieve this including chrono-proportional control. This means that as the room approaches the set temperature we start to reduce the power input to the heaters. For example, if the target temperature is 20℃ and the actual is 19.9℃, the power demand will only be about 25% of the heater's wattage. If the temperature rises further the input will be further reduced, and if it falls the power will be increased accordingly.The result is a completely stable room temperature with no cycling at all.

With the larger surface area of the heater, the radiant heat can make you 'feel' warmer. It is worth noting that reducing the temperature a room is maintained at by one degree (say 21℃ rather than 22℃) is equivalent to a 5% (if it is freezing outside) to 10% (if it was 10℃outside) reduction in energy consumption per hour.

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